What Does Xanax Look Like? Blue, Yellow, Green & White Bars (2024)

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Xanax is a common brand name for alprazolam. It’s often used to treat anxiety and panic disorders, but it can also be used recreationally and sold illegally.

Some fake versions of the prescription medications are easier to buy than others.

Diverted prescriptions may end up in unfamiliar hands while unpermitted pharmacies sell products outside the law.

Do you know what Xanax looks like, and can you tell a real pill from a fake one?

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What Does Xanax Look Like?

Xanax comes in an assortment of colors and shapes, with generic versions available in a variety of more shapes.

The Xanax brand is owned by Pfizer, who distribute the drugs in a number of doses that can be different depending on the color used: other companies may produce generic versions which are differentiated from their branded counterpart by color as well.

Different Colored Bars, Tablets and Pills

Xanax comes in oval, triangular, and rectangular tablets. Xanax produces a white bar that is mimicked by generic alprazolam brands that sell it with different colors.

These pills are for 1mg doses of the medication which come in light blue ovals with flat rims printed on one side as XANAX along with their dosage amount marked “1 mg” while scoring down the other edge so users can break them into two equal halves if needed to lower or increase dose strength (9 mm long). The pill is supplied by Pfizer.

Pfizer makes two kinds of Xanax pills. One is blue and one is white. They are the same shape, but the white pill has a smaller amount in it – only 0.25 mg.

One side has the brand and dose printed on it, and the other side is scored along the width of the pill.

Pfizer sells a pill that is red and oval. It has 0.5 mg of Alprazolam in it. This is the same as the blue pill, but it does not have as much of the drug in it because it only contains half of what the blue pill has.

The Pfizer logo is on one side and what dose and size there are on the other side with lines on one side for measuring how big they are.

Pfizer sells a pill that is different from the regular pill. The regular pill comes in a round shape and it releases all the medicine at once.

The other type of pill, Xanax XR (X3), is a 3mg dose of alprazolam that is released over a longer period of time. It has three equal sides with raised circles in the center on one side and an X on another side. It is green color.

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What Does Xanax Look Like? Blue, Yellow, Green & White Bars (1)

White Bar

The white rectangular pill with four sections is made by Pfizer. It has 2 mg of alprazolam and can be broken into two 1 mg doses or four 0.5 mg doses.

On one side there is the word “XANAX” written on it, and it is in a section that is separated by scoring, so each X stands for its own scored section.

On the other side of the pill, there are two numbers; one says “2” and it’s written sideways relative to the name of the drug on that side.

Green Bar

Dava Pharmaceuticals makes a green bar that is shaped and oriented like the white Xanax bar. However, it is not made by Pfizer so it can’t be called Xanax. Instead of the word Xanax printed on one side, the green bar reads ‘S903’ with each letter in its own scored section and 90 written across two center sections. Like the white bar, the green bar also contains 2 mg of alprazolam.

Blue Bar

A blue bar is a drug that was made by Breckenridge Pharmaceutical, Inc. The blue bar is the same shape and size as the white and green bars. It’s also not Xanax. On one side there’s “B707,” but nothing on the other side.

Yellow Bar

A yellow bar made by Actavis Pharmaceuticals is the same size as other bars and have the same amount of medicine inside. The identifier on it is R039.

Identifying Fake Xanax Bars

Legal Xanax is safe. Drug dealers can make fake pills that look like the real thing and it can be hard to tell the difference. Fake pills are less likely to be perfect than ones from Pfizer.

If you see brands that you do not recognize this is a warning. Some dealers will try to make their own brand of drugs. They may also have a pill press without the popper stamp on it to make it look like a real prescription drug. They may put one of these things on the pill, for example, a symbol, word or number in order to make it look like an authentic prescription drug.

Pills may be slightly different colors. They are also sometimes cut with other substances. If the pill has a number on it, you should make sure that it is the same color as the pill. For example, if a blue oval pill has 0.5 on it, and you have pills with numbers like brown or green ovals with 4 on them, then those are not true Xanax pills and they could make you sick! Xanax bars have a smoothly tapered edge, while fake bars have a sharp ridge around the rim.

Some people buy pills, but it is difficult to get the real thing. Fake ones are more common and can be hard to tell apart from the real ones. If you buy Xanax, it may not be real if you buy it from someone who does not have a prescription.

Pressing Xanax Pills

People who buy pills from illegal sources may think they are safer no matter what, but this is not true. Dealers can buy machines that press the drugs into pills for a few hundred to several thousand dollars online. Then, they can make or buy the stamps that look like the brand and dosage from illegal sources on the web.

Pressed pills might seem more real, so the dealer can get a higher price. Dealers have an interest in making their drugs look and feel like pharmaceutical grade substances. But they can also change the ingredients to make more money. They may add other active ingredients to change what the drug does. Some people will be able to tell the difference, but some won’t be able to tell if they don’t know what it is they’re looking for or what each ingredient does.

Fentanyl Pills

Pills that are not from a doctor can be unpredictable. One of the reasons is that they have fentanyl in them.

Fentanyl is a drug that has caused many deaths in the past few years. It is more powerful than heroin.

A dose as small as 2 milligrams can be deadly to an adult. People often use this drug without knowing it because it is mixed with other things, like heroin.

Sometimes people cut heroin with other substances that make them less effective, but people don’t know they’re doing this because fentanyl isn’t visible and looks like powder or a pill.

Some drug dealers may use a small amount of fentanyl to make their drug more powerful. This might increase the dealer’s sales but it can lead to overdoses.

Fentanyl is so powerful that the drug dealers have a hard time measuring how much should be added to the mixture without making it too strong.

Drug users who take drugs not made with fentanyl may accidentally overdose from taking an amount that is right for their normal drugs but not for ones that have been mixed with fentanyl.

In 2018, one-third of the 46,802 opioid overdose deaths involved substances containing synthetic opioids like fentanyl.

Fentanyl is a drug that is often mixed in with heroin. It can also be put into other drugs, like benzodiazepines and even cocaine. When it is put into cocaine, the powerful opioid can help to counteract some of the negative side effects of the drug. But this can lead to an overdose when people take higher doses because they cannot feel any pain or sense that anything’s wrong.

Fentanyl injection can be put into Xanax pills. This is dangerous and it could kill you.

It is already very strong in small doses of fentanyl, but when mixed with something like Xanax, it becomes even stronger.

Depressants that are also opioids potentiate each other because of their effects on the nervous system.

When they are combined, they can slow down your breathing and heart rate. And in this case, respiratory depression or overdose from either drug may be possible depending on how much was taken at one time (in small doses of each).

Commonly Asked Questions

what does counterfeit yellow xanax bars look like?

The counterfeit Xanax has a yellow shape. It is rectangular and there are three lines on it. The name of the drug is printed on one side of the fake Xanax bar. This drug is also called school buses when it’s sold on the street.

are blue xanax bars b707 real?

There are two types of Xanax pills. One is a legitimate pill from a doctor. It is for the person who needs it prescribed to them by their doctor. The other one is fake Xanax that has been chemically made to look like the real thing, but can be very dangerous and make people sick or even kill them if they take it.

what does a xanax bar look like?

Xanax bars are rectangular pills that usually weigh 2 milligrams. They can be used for anxiety as a prescription but they can also cause other side-effects, like overdose and dependence.

what does fake white xanax bars look like?

Xanax are long white pills. They are marked with the brand name and sometimes a number. Fake Xanax also look like that, but they have no number. It is hard to tell the difference between real and fake pills because they both look the same in shape and size.

fake green xanax bars

There are two types of Xanax pills. One is a rectangle shape, the other is round or oval-shaped. The rectangle ones come in white, blue, green, and yellow. Round or oval-shaped Xanax pills come in many colors including white, peach, orange, purple and blue. It can be hard to tell if it is real or fake if it doesn’t match one of these colors.

how to spot fake R039 yellow xanax bars?

An R039 fake will typically taste different from the real thing. It is important to check for powder on the bottom and see if the bars are broken or have an unusual color. Rectangular pills break into 3 parts, not 4.

how to spot fake green xanax bars?

How to tell if something is fake:

(1) Check the spelling. If it’s wrong, it might be a fake.

(2) Look at the pictures of what you’re buying and compare them to other pictures of what they are supposed to look like. Sometimes a seller will make their own but not use the same colors or design as another one, even though it’s supposed to be the same thing!

how many mg is a white xanax bar?

XANAX pills are available in different strengths. The pills can be white, oval and scored with the letters “XANAX” imprinted on them. You can get a 0.25 mg pill that is white and oval.

What does alprazolam extended release look like?

XANAX XR tablets are available as white, pentagonal shaped tablets that are marked with an “X” on one side and “0.5” on the other side. They can also be yellow, square shaped tablets marked with an “X” on one side and “1”.

what does generic xanax look like?

Xanax is a drug that you can buy as a pill, capsule or liquid. You can get it in 0.25 mg, 0.5 mg, 1 mg and 2mg doses. Xanax XR is an extended release pill that comes in doses of 0.5mg, 1mg and 2mg doses too. Niravam comes as orally disintegrating tablets with dosages of 0.25 mg, 0.5 mg and 1mg doses – or you can get it as a liquid concentrate which has an extra dose of 1mg/ml.

what is generic for xanax?

Xanax is a well-known brand name, but the generic name is alprazolam. Alprazolam is also another name for benzodiazepines. Benzodiazepines are also sometimes called Xanax on the street.

What Does Xanax Look Like? Blue, Yellow, Green & White Bars (2024)


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