Wall Street Oasis Review - Is It Worth? (2024)

Wall Street Oasis Review - Is It Worth? (1)

Wall Street Oasis Review 2022: Is It Worth?

In this review of Wall Street Oasis, I will give a brief about WSO along with the courses and their pricing with some likes and dislikes of WSO and the conclusion.

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About Wall Street Oasis: An Overview

Wall Street Oasis is an online forum and learning platform that offers finance career coaching for students and professionals. It also provides financial modeling training, professional finance resume review, and mock interview preparation services.

It aims to educate young finance professionals and students in making critical career decisions. It also provides an outlet to make them laugh simultaneously.

WSO is a place for finance enthusiasts to hang out to learn about related fields, network with other professionals, and apply to jobs of their interest.

Wall Street Oasis started as a forum-based site for investment bankers in 2006. As it grew, more professionals from other industries like hedge funds, private equity, etc., joined.

Today, Wall Street Oasis is one of the largest finance communities online. What makes it stand out? It is it’s entertaining and active forum that receives more than 5 million page views each month.

Who Is Behind WSO?

Wall Street Oasis was founded by Patrick Curtis in 2006, as an online forum to connect and network with investment bankers. He built it as a safety net along with his friend after he lost his job. Soon he realized the potential of the forum and the love of people in the community that Patrick dedicated himself full time to WSO.

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Before starting WSO, Patrick had worked as an Investment banking analyst at Rothschild for 2 years and as a private equity associate at Tailwind Capital for 3 years.

These years of experience helped Patrick gain immense knowledge in the interview process in the finance sector, resume requirements, and skills needed. All these were topics young finance enthusiasts wanted to learn and understand.

Hence, Patrick set out to build Wall Street Oasis as one solution to all requirements of a finance enthusiast aiming to get a job at Wall Street.

About Instructors

Wall Street Oasis has over 1000 mentors on its platforms. All its mentors work in top firms around the world. They provide one-on-one personal career coaching and mock interviews.

The mentors are investment bankers, private equity analysts, Hedge fund managers, asset managers at reputed firms, like-

All About Courses Offered:

Wall Street Oasis offers a variety of courses and programs for finance enthusiasts. It covers skill development, career coaching, resume review, mock interview, etc.

The courses offered at Wall Street Oasis are as follows:

Financial Modeling & Valuation Courses

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  • Excel Modeling course
  • Financial Statement Modeling Course
  • LBO Modeling Course
  • M&A Modeling Course
  • Valuation Modeling Course
  • DCF Modeling Course
  • Real Estate Modeling Course

Technical Courses

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  • Python Fundamentals
  • Applied Machine Learning
  • Accounting Foundations
  • VBA Macros in Excel Course
  • Dashboards + Power BI
  • Data Analytics Course
  • Stats for Data Analytics

Interview Prep Packages

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  • Investment Banking Interview Course
  • Private Equity Interview Course
  • Hedge Fund Interview Course
  • Consulting Interview Course

Features & Functionality Of WSO

1. Course And Training format

WSO offers different courses and training formats for individuals and companies alike. You can take up the one which matches your requirement.

  • Self-Paced Online Courses

All its courses like financial modeling and valuation courses, technical courses, interview prep courses, and mini-courses are self-study online courses.

You can access them anywhere at any time and learn at your convenience.

  • Corporate Training (Live/online)

WSO provides finance training for corporates who want to upskill and boost the productivity of their teams. Elite professionals provide both live virtual sessions and online self-study courses for corporate teams.

Reputed firms like Goldman Sachs, University of Alabama, Moelis & Company, JPMorgan, etc., avail corporate training.

  • Public Bootcamps

WSO offers live intense 2-day boot camps to help you build a strong foundation. All its Bootcamps have a limited 30 seat capacity. In these Bootcamps, you learn live from elite professionals. After the Bootcamp, you get lifetime access to the entire course bundle.

2. Premium One-On-One Services

WSO offers premium 1:1 services where you are paired with an elite professional in your target industry who guides you on your way forward. It is like personal coaching. The premium services offered are:

  • WSO Mentors
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The mentoring service allows you to book a call with an elite professional who will mentor you. You can book calls for as little as 30 minutes up to 10 hours. The mentor will provide Mock interview or Career consultation

You can choose based on your requirements.

  • Resume Review
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Resume service is an iterative service offered by WSO. Here you are connected with an elite professional who analyses your resume and formats it as per industry standards. WSO also provides two weeks of follow-up.

a. WSO Cover Letter And Networking Templates.

Below shown is one example of the WSO Cover letter and networking templates.

  • Wall Street Oasis Review - Is It Worth? (9)
  • Wall Street Oasis Review - Is It Worth? (10)
  • Wall Street Oasis Review - Is It Worth? (11)
  • Wall Street Oasis Review - Is It Worth? (12)

Note, this is for information purposes only.

b. WSO Financial Modeling And Excel Templates.

Below shown is one example of the Model templates.

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c. WSO Presentation And Case Templates.

Below shown is one example of WSO Presentation and case template.

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  • Interview Posts

WSO curates the best posts about interview processes, common interview questions, and other techniques of cracking an interview. All the curated posts are listed such that it is easier for you to find the ones you are looking for.

  • Salaries & Bonuses

WSO curates the salaries and bonuses offered for different roles in Wall Street firms. It is a way of making the opaque industries transparent for aspiring finance enthusiasts.

  • Wall Street Oasis Review - Is It Worth? (15)
  • Wall Street Oasis Review - Is It Worth? (16)
  • Wall Street Oasis Review - Is It Worth? (17)

Note, this is for information purposes only.

  • Reports

WSO provides insights into the industry by creating in-detail reports. The reports contain compensation details, company reviews, university stats, diversity stats, and aggregate stats of a particular industry.

The reports provided by WSO are:

  • Investment banking report
  • Private equity report
  • Consulting report
  • Hedge funds report

Below shown is one of the examples of the Reports

  • Wall Street Oasis Review - Is It Worth? (18)
  • Wall Street Oasis Review - Is It Worth? (19)
  • Wall Street Oasis Review - Is It Worth? (20)
  • Wall Street Oasis Review - Is It Worth? (21)

Note, this is for information purposes only.

Opportunities After Courses: Will I Get A Job?

WSO is a reputed organization with a network of reputed financial firms. The WSO certificate is recognized in the finance industry.

WSO courses make you ready for the job in the finance sector by imparting practical skills.At WSO, you also gain access to WSO Talent Oasis. Talent Oasis is the marketplace for finance job seekers and job providers.

It has a job board where job seekers can find numerous job listings and apply for them by creating a profile. Profile creation is free of cost, and WSO also provides a $500 sign-up if you get a job from the portal.

It also has a job board where elite companies can directly list openings in their firms.

You can also avail of the premium 1:1 services offered by WSO for resume review, mock interview, and career consultation to gain guidance for finance careers.


Below given is the comparison table between CFI and WSO. To know more about CFI you can read CFI Review.

ParameterCorporate Finance Institute (CFI)Wall Street Oasis (WSO)
PricingSelf-Study: $497
Full-Immersion : $847
Mini-Courses: $27
Elite Packages: $497
Duration100 HoursDepending upon the course
Best ForCorporate finance individuals
Finance students
Finance enthusiasts
Unique FeaturesInteractive Practical Modules
Get access to all 4 courses
Good reviews & feedback
Active Community
Downloadable resources
WSO Talent Oasis
Work ExperienceNot requiredNot required
ExamsOnlineNo Exams
Free- Trial30-days free trial12 Months Free Trial
Offers10% Off Code: OCGRAD10No Offers

Pricing :

Wall Street Oasis provides high-quality financial courses at affordable prices.

  • Wall Street Oasis Review - Is It Worth? (22)
  • Wall Street Oasis Review - Is It Worth? (23)
  • Wall Street Oasis Review - Is It Worth? (24)
  • Wall Street Oasis Review - Is It Worth? (25)
  • Mini-courses- $27
  • Financial Modeling and Valuation Courses- Ranging from $97 to $497
  • Elite professional packages- $497
  • Public Bootcamp with lifetime access to elite packages- $997

WSO Refund Policy

For all its courses, WSO offers a 12-month risk-free money-back guarantee. However, it does not have a clear refund policy and eligibility conditions mentioned on the site. Not many users of WSO have claimed refunds. Hence, you can stay assured of the quality.

Before going to the conclusion of the Wall Street Oasis Review, let us see some pros and cons.

WSO Pros:

  • Relevant and Well-Structured Courses : Majority of students reviewed the courses to be well-structured, on-point, clear, and concise with simple explanations and relevant examples.
  • Valuable Resources : The community, interview resources, reports, and newsletters are of high value, provided free of cost. Positive reviews claimed WSO to be the go-to guide for finance professionals.
  • Practical And Affordable : All the courses at WSO are pocket-friendly, when compared to similar courses on other platforms. They impart practical skills required for the job.

WSO Cons:

  • Resume Review Not Up To The Mark :Negative reviews of WSO state the resume review service is not as expected and needs to be improved.
  • Better Community Moderation : Many anonymous users spread irrelevant content. It requires effective moderation.

Conclusion: Is WSO Worth It?

Wall Street Oasis is a great platform to hang out and network with like-minded finance enthusiasts. It gives you exposure to the industry.

All the courses and free resources provide immense value and become your go-to resources for a finance career.

Wall Street Oasis

30-Days Money-Back Guarantee

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I hope you found this Wall Street Oasis review article helpful.


1. Are WSO certificates recognized?

Yes, WSO certificates are recognized in the finance industry.

2. Does WSO provide financial aid?

Yes, WSO provides financial aid if you submit the required documents.

3. How is WSO different from other job sites?

WSO invests in its candidates and makes the process more transparent than other job sites.

4. Who are WSO Mentors?

WSO mentors are elite professionals from reputed Wall Street firms with years of experience in the industry.

Wall Street Oasis Review - Is It Worth? (2024)


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