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Cracking the private equity scene today is a whole new ball game. As someone who’s been in the hot seat recruiting PE associates, I’ve seen firsthand how the game’s changed. The bar’s higher now, with candidates bringing sharper interviewing skills and technical know-how to the table. This shift? It’s thanks to a bigger pool of go-getters and a flood of online resources demystifying PE recruiting. It’s crucial for any up-and-coming private equiteer to nail the fundamentals.

Now, I’ve got a fresh opportunity to give you some recommendations, just like I did with Wall Street Prep’s courses. This time, it’s about Wall Street Oasis’s Private Equity courses. We’ll dive into both their Interview Course and the more extensive Master Program. Stick with me, and I’ll give you the lowdown on whether these courses are your ticket to PE success.

Wall Street Oasis Private Equity Interview Course

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Unlike Wall Street Prep’s Private Equity Masterclass, this course was crafted to focus not just on technical skills but primarily on cracking the recruiting process itself. Sometimes in private equity, landing a job is less about showcasing how well you can do the job and more about demonstrating your ability to secure the position​​​​. Here are my overall thoughts on it:

Comprehensive Coverage

  • With 15+ hours of LBO modeling tests, case studies, interview Q&A and nuanced industry background, the content coverage is thorough and all-encompassing.
  • The last section on the history and current trends in fund strategies, tactics and evolution of deal types is particularly helpful if you’re asked to craft coherent answers on why you want to work in specific teams or strategies.
  • It also delves into the art of discussing past deal experiences effectively, ensuring you can present your background and skills persuasively.

Quality of Content

  • The content here is obviously created by people who have actual real world private equity experience.
  • In terms of technical depth, it’s no better or worse than the content from other providers out there but it’s definitely accurate and good enough for get into any firm.
  • Additional content like deal cheat sheets and sample recordings are very instructive on how you can structure your answers in an interview setting.

Track Record

  • You have probably heard of Wall Street Oasis and use the forums if you’re even tangentially interested in financial careers. So the name speaks for itself.
  • This course has helped more than 9,000 candidates ace their PE interviews and they have real world testimonials to back up that claim.
  • Personally, I have spoken to several associate candidates who said they took this course and they all had positive things to say.

Community Support

  • An often-overlooked aspect of the course is the networking opportunities and community support it offers. Candidates gain access to a vast network of industry professionals and peers, providing a platform for exchange of ideas, experiences, and opportunities.
  • The course also comes with a Networking Course to guide you on how to get in front of firms in the first place. After all, what good is knowing how to interview when you don’t have a chance to interview in the first place.

Wall Street Oasis Private Equity Master Program

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The PE Master Program is Wall Street Oasis’s answer to Wall Street Prep’s PE Masterclass and is even more comprehensive. You will get 12 courses diving deep into both the technical and practical aspects of Private Equity. I think if you are from a non-traditional background or a college student with no prior experience with M&A / Private Equity, this is the all-encompassing course for you. Here are my thoughts on this program:

Content Coverage

  • You can see more details here. But in short, you get 12 difference courses: 4 on the fundamental skills for financial analysis and preparation of deliverables, 7 focusing deeper on different aspects of financial modelling, and finally putting it all together with a walkthrough of the private equity deal process.
  • In total, the program comes with 70+ hours of contents and will be more than sufficient to prepare you to run your first private equity deal.
  • Nothing beats actual deal experience, but this program would equip you with knowledge comparable to someone with some real deal experience.

Quality of Content

  • As with the Interview Course, it is obvious that the materials here were created by actual industry professionals. WSO’s founder, Patrick, was himself from PE before creating the site.
  • Unlike the interview course, the materials in this course are aimed primarily at skill mastery rather than recruiting. So is relevant whether you’re already in the industry, trying to break-in or simply want to develop a skillset to evaluate deals.

Track Record

  • Apparently, more than 25,000 people have taken this program and the reviews have been great.
  • The program has helped people land and thrive in positions across top Private Equity firms like Apollo, KKR, CVC, TPG, Blackstone etc.
  • Moreover, the program also offers a 12-month money-back guarantee, underscoring its quality and value.

Other factors

  • You get complimentary access to Wall Street Oasis’s Company Database, Macabacus plug-ins and some ancillary content.
  • 24 months of support from actual industry professionals who will answer your questions on any lesson within 48 hours.
  • And finally, you have lifetime access to future content updates.

Overall Conclusion

As someone deeply entrenched in the private equity world, I can confidently endorse Wall Street Oasis’s Private Equity Courses. Here’s how to choose:

Private Equity Interview Course: Perfect if you’ve got some experience and need to refine your interview skills to ace that crucial step.

Private Equity Master Program: Ideal for those from non-traditional backgrounds or newbies aiming for a comprehensive skill upgrade. This is your roadmap to making a big leap into private equity.

Yes, these courses are an investment, but when weighed against the potential of landing a lucrative role in PE, they’re worth every penny. The depth and quality of content are unmatched. If you’re ready to take a significant step in your career, seize this opportunity. For any specific queries, drop me an email. Ready to jumpstart your PE journey? Click on the links below for a special 20% discount and begin your transformation today.

Private Equity Interview Course

Private Equity Master Program


Recommended, Wall Street Oasis

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