The 10 Best Galentine's Day Gifts (2024)

Spawned by Parks and Rec‘s very own Leslie Knope (or rather the writers room behind her), Galentine’s Day is an alternative to Valentines Day all about celebrating platonic love. If you’re depressed by the relentless emphasis on romance at this time of year, Galentine’s Day can be a balm for the soul, giving you and your female friends a commercially-sponsored prompt to come together in mutual love and support. It’s also conveniently located on the day before Valentines Day. So if Galentine’s sounds great to you but you’re happily coupled up, you should still be able to celebrate both without any kind of “two dates to the prom”-style shenanigans.

Now, if you’re looking for idea on how to treat yourself and your friends on Galentine’s Day, look no further. We’ve put together a carefully curated list of gifts—some geeky, some universal—to lift you and your friends’ spirits this Galentine’s Day. Hopefully, it’ll help you get through the tail end of winter.

Star Wars R2D2 and BB8 Best Friends Forever Necklace Set

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I would literally have died of joy if someone had given me the other half of this as a teenager (yes, yes I know BB8 didn’t exist then, imagine a vintage droid there instead). Honestly, I’d still love to get this now. The two cutest robots in the known universe as symbols of your undying friendship? Yes! R2D2 comes in silver tone base metal and BB8 in a gold shade. Both come paired with a rebel symbol, just to make it clear where your loyalties lay. No really, get this to split with your Star Wars-obsessed bestie. Even if you’re not that big of a fan yourself, it’ll make her day.

PB & J Plush Figurines

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These adorable anthropomorphic slices of bread, one spread with peanut butter and the other with jam, are posed holding hands. Because the only thing that goes together better than peanut butter and jam is you and your best friend. 3.75 inches tall and made from soft plush, these figurines make for great seasonal decor. You can sit also sit yours on your desk all year round to remind you of your best friend when you’re having a hard time. Plus, PB&J is at least breakfast-adjacent, making it on theme for Leslie Knope and her obsession with breakfast foods, and therefore appropriate for Galentine’s Day. They’re only $5, too, so they won’t break the bank.

A Home Spa Night

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Given how stressful literally everything about being alive is right now, giving your friends a gift that encourages them to stop, relax, and take some time to focus on themselves could be the permission they need to do just that. Etsy is full of home spa gift sets, like the extremely aesthetically pleasing one by Heni Soap pictured above. Mostly offered by woman-owned small businesses, these hampers are full of handmade, organic bath and skincare products. Some of them come with little extras like herbal tea, chocolate, or fluffy socks to make the cozy night-in experience complete.

Hand-Stamped “Roll like a girl” D20 Keychain

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This one’s for the girls in your D&D group. Tabletop gaming and geekdom in general have got a lot more welcoming to women over the years. Still, there’s still a fair amount of annoying sexism to deal with, especially when you’re first getting into the hobby and just trying to find your table. These “roll like a girl” key rings could be a great, snarky little talisman to keep in your pocket and remind yourself that you’re better than the bullsh*t. You’ll will find a group of non-sexist geeks as awesome as you are.

Captain America 7-in-1 Multitool

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Okay, this is just cool. It’s Captain America’s shield in miniature, but it serves as a butterfly wrench, hex wrenches, a rope cutter, a can opener, a bottle opener, a flathead screwdriver, and a Phillips screwdriver—all at once. Geeky and practical, this is perfect for your comics-loving friend who’s also handy or outdoorsy. Show her you see and value her terrifying competence, as well as her Avengers fandom, with something that feels like it’s directly out of classic comics. It’s also available in Batarang, Millenium Falcon and Klingon warship variants. I genuinely struggled to figure out which one to focus on here, because they’re all so cool.

I Love You a Waffle Lot Mug

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If you want to be close to canon on your Galentine’s gifts, you could always get your bestie this mug with a waffle-themed message of love on it. Featuring the Leslie-proclaimed “king of breakfast foods,” there’s also space for a personal message on the other side. You’ll be able to get your friends a set of matching mugs that’s also individually tailored to each of them. This feels very Leslie, with her love of group bonding and attentive focus on everyone’s individual qualities. Plus, it’s cute.

There’s a lot of Galentine’s-specific mug designs on Etsy. So if this one doesn’t work for you, I’m sure you’ll find something there.

Pancake Socks

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Circling back to Leslie Knope’s obsession with breakfast food, these cute socks have a pattern of buttered pancakes and little pink hearts. Maybe it’s one of those milestones of proper adulthood, but I love getting new socks and so does my wife (so, you know, if anyone felt like buying me some for Galentine’s Day, I wouldn’t object). Seriously, socks are an underrated gift. They’re practical and fun! Everyone always needs new socks! And if you’re stuck with a boring dress code at work, they’re a great way to add a little bit of secret personality to your outfit…. I do not miss working in an office. But, anyway, the “practical yet fun” vibe seems very in keeping with the Knope spirit of Galentine’s Day. There’s a surprising amount of breakfast-themed socks out there if pancakes aren’t your vibe.

Game of Thrones House Sigil Ring Set

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It’s easy to envision getting this set and passing one ring out to each of your friends, possibly keeping the Targaryen ring for yourself, like the power-mad queen you really are inside. The only problem with this plan that I can see arising is that some people might not be happy with the house they get assigned. So choose carefully when deciding who goes where.

Happy Galentine’s Day!

(Featured image: NBC)

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The 10 Best Galentine's Day Gifts (2024)


The 10 Best Galentine's Day Gifts? ›

Pink Sentiment Heart Earrings

These cute candy-heart earrings come in an array of sweet messages for your favorite Galentine. (And they're a sweet and not-so-expensive Galentine gift—so go ahead and gift them to your whole crew, or pair them with another present, too.)

What to get the girls for galentines? ›

Pink Sentiment Heart Earrings

These cute candy-heart earrings come in an array of sweet messages for your favorite Galentine. (And they're a sweet and not-so-expensive Galentine gift—so go ahead and gift them to your whole crew, or pair them with another present, too.)

What to get my friends for galentines? ›

There are plenty of great Galentine's Day gifts for her that are thoughtful, affordable, and chic. If your friends take self-care seriously, then candles, smart showerheads, and popular skin care make great gift ideas.

What do you bring to a galentine? ›

This Galentine's Day gift idea will make your girlfriends feel so special! Create a personalized goodie bag full of her favorite things. You could include a personalized mug, favorite candy, a book you think she'd like... whatever would make her day!

What is the color for Galentines day? ›

Red is definitely the go to color for this day of love.

Why do girls do Galentines? ›

Galentine's Day is a global holiday that celebrates women's friendship. Galentine's Day is typically marked as February 13, but can be observed any day. Galentine's Day events are typically all-female occasions of mutual "empowerment...a reminder for women to support and uplift one another."

What do I get my best friend as a gift? ›

Browse a mix of sentimental gift ideas, like plenty of personalized jewelry, and funny best friend gifts (think a pepperoni pizza blanket or custom face socks). And if your bestie happens to be a guy, we've got picks for them too — anyone can appreciate a portable photo printer and the viral travel backpack.

What is the make version of Galentine's day? ›

Malentine's day is a day for men to meet up and celebrate their amazing friendship. It is a happy, celebratory day, the male equivalent of Galentine's day.

What are the rules of Galentine's? ›

There are no strict rules when it comes to Galentine's Day festivities. Some choose to go the original path that is based on the television show. This consists of eating breakfast, sharing Valentine's Day goodies, exchanging gifts and an overall celebration of female friendship.

How do you throw the best Galentines party? ›

35 Galentine's Day Party Ideas Your Girls Will Absolutely Obsess Over
  1. Get excited about a theme. ...
  2. Arrange your own flowers.
  3. Make fondue.
  4. Plan a "my favorite things" product swap. ...
  5. Pick a signature co*cktail.
  6. Invest in (themed, duh) balloons.
  7. Make personalized goodie bags.
  8. Host an at-home mani-pedi night.
Feb 9, 2024

What is a galentines dinner? ›

Galentine's Day is a celebration of female friendship on the 13 February. Invite friends, family and loved ones to a sophisticated dinner party. These handpicked recipes are achievable yet impressive, with just the right amount of pizzazz for the occasion. Discover our starter, main and dessert ideas.

What is a fun fact about Galentines day? ›

Fun Fact: Galentine's Day was created by Leslie Knope, the Parks and Recreation fictional main character. She invented the holiday as a tribute to her close girlfriends.

Who made up Galentine's day? ›

That's because Galentine's Day was actually created by Leslie from Parks and Recreation! Leslie, the fictional but utterly fabulous character played by Amy Poehler, introduced the world to Galentine's Day. A true friend enthusiast, Leslie explains how she gathers her girls every February 13th for brunch.

What does Galentine's day stand for? ›

Observed on February 13, the day before Valentine's Day, Galentine's Day celebrates platonic friendships, usually among women.

What do girls like for Valentines gifts? ›

Good luck finding the perfect Valentine's Day gift for your girlfriend.
  • 1. Box of Chocolates.
  • Charm Candle.
  • Framed Collage.
  • Stuffed Animal.
  • Engraved Bracelet.
  • Painted Portrait.
  • Custom Blanket.
  • Her Favorite Flowers.

What do you get a girl for her first Valentines day? ›

First Valentine's Day Gifts for Her

Some traditional first Valentine's Day gift ideas include a flower bouquet, a box of chocolate, and a card with a thoughtful message.

Is Galentines only for single girls? ›

Is Galentine's Day only for girls and singles? Galentine's Day is definitely NOT for just the singles and girls. While the name has gal in it, anyone and everyone can celebrate Galentine's Day.

How do you celebrate Galentine? ›

This day, as the name suggests, is usually dedicated to honoring friendships between women. You get to spend it however you like with your galentines—by going out, taking a trip, enjoying a cozy night at home, or simply showering each other with gifts and affection the same way you would a partner.


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