Epic Taylor Swift Birthday Party Ideas (2024)

I feel like my whole life has been leading up to this moment, y’all. I love a themed birthday party. I love Taylor Swift. And I LOVED putting together these Taylor Swift birthday party ideas.

I’ve been a die-hard Swiftie for 17 years, and I’m all the way here for this MOMENT she’s having, on top of her game.

Epic Taylor Swift Birthday Party Ideas (1)

How to Throw a Taylor Swift Birthday Party

Part of why Taylor Swift is so beloved amongst her fans is that she gives us so much of herself. Through her music, her “easter eggs,” her Eras, her tours –she lets us all into a little sliver of her world, and makes us all feel like her best friends.

And all of that makes it REALLY easy to throw a Taylor Swift themed party.

There are so many different theme routes you could take for a Taylor Swift birthday party:

  • Eras Tour
  • One Specific Era
  • Cats
  • Awards Show
  • Secret Sessions
  • Glitter –all the glitter!

Pick one, mix-and-match them all, make it your own! This is YOUR birthday era, after all. 😉

Taylor Swift Birthday Party Activities

Every good birthday party –whether it’s for kids or adults –needs to have at least a few activities planned. Here are some good ideas for what to do at a Taylor Swift-themed party (be sure to check the list at the end of the post for links to all the things referenced!):

  • Recreate your own Eras Tour: this one’s a no-brainer! Rent the Eras Tour movie, give everyone a glitter makeover, pass out light-up bracelets, and start a dance party.
  • Make Friendship Bracelets: Taylor Swift, the Eras Tour, and friendship bracelets just go hand-in-hand. Get a bead kit, set up a bracelet making station, and let everyone make their own friendship bracelets. Plus, it doubles as a party favor!
  • Taylor Swift Karaoke: Get a karaoke machine, load it up with Taylor Swift songs, and let all the Swifties belt it out.
  • Guess the Song Game: Read out lyrics or play short clips from various Taylor songs, and have guests guess the correct song or album.
  • Red Carpet Photobooth: Set up a ~red carpet~ with glitter streamers, a life-size Taylor cutout, and an Instax instant camera.

Find all everything you need for the BEST Taylor Swift birthday party below, and remember: this is your place, you make the rules. 😉

Taylor Swift Birthday Party Ideas

Everything you need to throw an epic Taylor Swift birthday party. Ideas for Taylor Swift invitations, decorations, party activities, party favors, and more!

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This customizable invitation is PERFECT for any Swiftie in her Lover era. Complete with purple-pink skies, glitter, and a caticorn... it really doesn't get more ~Taylor~ than this.

And of course, you'll need matching Taylor Swift party favor tags. DIY and print-at-home for an affordable way to customize your party.

A balloon arch seals in the theme of any party, in my opinion, and this one couldn't be more perfect. All the Eras colors, mirrorballs, stars –it's all very Taylor Swift!

These streamers are offered in a bunch of colors –order one for each Era and create a backdrop for every Swiftie at the party... no matter what their favorite Taylor album is!

Make sure EVERY Taylor Swift era is accounted for, from Debut to Midnights, with this birthday party banner.

Something about iridescent everything just screams Taylor Swift. I look at this tablecloth, and I see the Eras Tour Lover bodysuit, and it gives me all the heart eyes!

Swift-ify your party drinks with these reusable Mirrorball straws.

Ok, hear me out: order a custom life-sized cardboard cutout, upload a photo of Taylor Swift, and have your very own birthday party VIP tent, complete with a photo op with ~Taylor~ herself.

If the life-size cardboard cutout of Taylor feels ~over the top~, maybe these Taylor Swift Eras Tour-shaped balloons will be more your style.

Every true Swiftie knows Taylor's love for Polaroid pictures, so set up a photobooth at your party, so everyone can go home with their own memories. (Plus, this doubles as an awesome gift for the birthday girl or boy!)

Bring Taylor Swift's Eras Tour into your home with these fun light-up bracelets!

Load up a Taylor Swift playlist, and let all your little Swifties sing their hearts out with this karaoke machine. How perfect is this for a Taylor Swift birthday party?!

Let your guests get all glittered up for a night at the Eras Tour with a glitter makeover station.

A super fun activity for a Taylor Swift birthday party –for kids or adult –is friendship bracelet making! This kit has everything you could possibly need, and then some.

Recreate the Taylor's Red Era with a more current take on Taylor's "22" heart glasses; plus a fun party favor they'll be able to use again and again!

These glitter tattoos (packed with Taylor Swift Easter eggs) are a perfect party favor for a Taylor Swift party.

No Taylor Swift-themed event would be complete without a cat in attendance. This cut little cat (looks a little bit like Meredith Grey, right?) would be an adorable Taylor Swift Birthday party favor idea!

Epic Taylor Swift Birthday Party Ideas (2024)


How to throw an epic Taylor Swift party? ›

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How to dress up for Taylor Swift's party? ›

For your Lover Era Taylor Swift themed party outfit, think rainbow outfits, colorful makeup, heart-shaped sunnies, pastel tie-dye, pretty pinks and bright blues.

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Why is Epic asking for my birthday? ›

Sometimes we need to confirm your age information to make sure it is accurate. A player's age information enables us to apply the right settings to ensure the best experience for all players.

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What is Taylor Swift's favorite color? ›

Taylor Swift's fav color... Fandom. When? She said at the Eras tour, when she performed Enchanted, it was Purple, which inspired the theme for the song!

What does Taylor Swift do for fun? ›

Painting. Taylor Swift's artistic talents go beyond music; she is also an avid painter. Her social media platforms occasionally give fans a glimpse of her artwork, which includes vibrant scenes and portraits that express her emotional and aesthetic sensibilities.

Why does Taylor Swift wear 13? ›

I paint this on my hand before every show because 13 is my lucky number; for a lot of reasons," she said. "It's really weird.” Swift continued, "I was born on the 13th. I turned 13 on Friday the 13th.

Who does Taylor Swift hang out with? ›

Taylor Swift has gotten close with some big names across the entertainment industry over the years. Emma Stone, Selena Gomez, and Karlie Kloss were some of her early famous friends. She's also collaborated with several friends, including Jack Antonoff and the Haim sisters.

How do you throw an epic beach party? ›

Structure your party.

Since you'll be on a beach, you can include a series of sports, such as a game of volleyball. Include activities that less athletic guests can have fun with as well, such as water gun fights, karaoke or sandcastle building. Whatever activities you choose, plan them at specific times.

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  5. Nostalgic Nosh. ...
  6. 90s TV Trivia Challenge. ...
  7. Send in the Slime! ...
  8. Toast to Nostalgia!
Oct 13, 2023

How does Taylor Swift talk to her fans? ›

Swift's close relationship with her millions of fans is legendary. She has redefined fan engagement by connecting with them on social media, hosting secret listening sessions and even sending personalised gifts.

How to get in touch with Taylor Swift's team? ›

Taylor Nation is the marketing team and official fan club for Taylor Swift. They work with 13 Management (Taylor's publicity team) to give fans the best Swiftie experience possible. If you want to get in touch with them, simply email taylorswift@umgstores.com.


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